PayPal Donate to Shadowpuma has now been going for many years. The need for it also changed over the years. Starting out as a single HTML page being hosted on a free hosting server with minimal space, the site has developed over the years to include;

  • Dedicated Business server hosting
  • Multiple url access
  • Database driven dynamic content
  • Media file storage

Not only has the website developed over the years, but the tools used by Shadowpuma have changed to become a necessity. To name a few, these include;

  • Professional image editing software for image and screenshot manipulation
  • Hardware upgrades to capture ultimate graphics
  • FRAPS software to capture the in game content
  • Home web server for the smaller mini sites
  • Ventrilo server allowing communication

I hope this page is an insight in to what has been involved with the whole Shadowpuma development over the years. If you feel comfortable with making a donation, however small, then please do. It will be used to further maintain and develop Shadowpuma and everything you have come to love and enjoy.

Thank you for your time.

Donate Status

Shadowpuma is very thankful for the kind donations. The current number of accepted donations is...


For more details about donations then please visit the Donate section of the Shadowpuma site.