Everquest 10 Years

Everquest 10 yearsEverquest has reached it's 10 years of being live. Released in 1999, it is still going strong today with further expansions being released. Since its release in 1999, EverQuest has proved itself to be a monumental and inspirational entertainment property, with 15 expansion packs and subsequent franchise titles, introducing millions of players to the virtual world of Norrath, and inspiring virtually every other MMORPG made.

The character Shadowpuma stopped playing Everquest in February 2007 when the account was set to expire. During the 236 days, 22 hours, and 3 minutes of online play time, so much had been experienced. It wasn't just the game content that made it special, it was the friendships.

Sceptered Isle News

Whilst playing the game Everquest, Shadowpuma got in to the role of guild reporter. This involved making a note of key events that happened during his online gameplay with the Sceptered Isle guild. These notes were then typed up in various formats for everyone to read. These mainly included guild members, but every now and again it captured the interest of outside parties.

A lot of the reports were done on the Sceptered Isle guild website. Unfortunetly that website has been demised and a lot of the reports are lost. I have attempted to retrieve them, but they appear gone.

The reports I have managed to find and retrieve can be found in amongst the below links.

You can also find various movie videos of Sceptered Isle raids and adventures in the Games Download section of this site.

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