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Who is Shadowpuma?

Many people may not know who Shadowpuma is. As a quick recap of events so far, Shadowpuma is a character name created back in 1999 when the online role playing game Everquest was released. A very low level wizard without much previous knowledge of online games, wandering around the different game zones within the online world.

Over the years the name Shadowpuma became recognised by friends and other online users, not just for the playing ability, but for the real life abilities that he brought to everyone. Short reports of in game events were often a pleasure for people to read. Along with the reports also came short movie videos of the in game events. Everything that was written or created was a further personal development of the person behind the character.

At the beginning of 2002 the setup of the first Shadowpuma website was completed. It was located in some free webspace on a webserver hosted by It was very basic, very orientated around the Everquest side the character, and not very productive. But it served it's purpose of sharing information between friends and guild members.

And then things progressed, at the start of 2004 the domain names and were purchased and set up. News updates and movie downloads were the main concentration of the site.

Today, the Shadowpuma website is a demonstration of personal achievement and ongoing web development including different games that have seen the Shadowpuma character come and go.

What about Shadowpuma in the Real Life world?

The person behind the character? Well that would be the person responsible for all that you see on this site. Paul Rayment. With a background in IT (support, software, hardware, programming) website creation played a large part in his career progression. Working for a well known global bank and producing single handed some of the highest quality websites they own, the skills have progressed more in to a role of managerial and technical expertise. The talent for websites comes from experimenting and seeing what can be achieved with the Shadowpuma site, before applying the techniques into working environments.

Paul's recent activities include the creation of Matrix Websites that deals with custom websites built to the specifications of the customer. These range from small information sites, to e-commerce sites with full customer experiences.

Paul's life has changed a lot since the days of playing online games. He has been engaged, got married, moved house, and now father to twins. The twins even have their own website, Rayment Family.

The latest challenge Paul is taking has been to join up to a course in the hope of completing it and becoming a Games Developer. The journey he is taking while on the course and the experiences had can all be found on the blog. It has so far been exciting and enjoyable. Learning how code is used and the fundamentals of it all, soon C++ will be a natural language to code in.

Shadowpuma's Online Adventures

Since the time when Shadowpuma was created, the character name has been recognised throughout a few of the games. Of course the original was Everquest. Going for many years, but the passion it held in the heart of Paul faded. There was a long hard decision to make, but after careful consideration from all angles it was time to quit the subscription and let Shadowpuma, level 70 wizard on the Veeshan(Luclin) server stop.

The adventures didn't stop there though. Next was World of Warcraft, and then Vanguard:Saga of Heroes. Both were played for many months, but the appeal just wasn't the same. A few Free To Play games came and went including Runes of Magic.

The latest paid for online adventure to come and go was Aion:Tower of Eternity. A new idea of being able to fly and glide in the online environments. Again, another online experience that just seemed to take more time to progress and became a lonely experience.

Where is Shadowpuma currently?

The character Shadowpuma is not currently registered and playing online in any MMORPGs. Other character names are around and currently reside in the realms of Allods, an easy pickup putdown MMORPG beinging compared to the likes of WoW. Any gaming updates can also be found in the blog section of the site. Shadowpuma's friends continue to play and update the Shadowpuma forum with information and discussions. Maybe one day the name Shadowpuma will appear once more in the online communities. and become as big as it once was.

So with minimal online activity, the focus is on family and friends, along with teaching himself new skills.

Shadowpuma Status

Shadowpuma is a stay at home Father and blogging!

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